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The Stonemasons’ Guild of 

St. Stephen and St. George

The Stonemasons' Guild of St. Stephen and St. George today works with, and supports, a community of working stonemasons Internationally. Although still rooted in its original tripartite template, life in the Guild is thriving, vibrant and current. As a collective of working stonemasons we have no affiliation to, or connection with Freemasonry.


Our history and culture is of great importance to us, though we are not ruled by it.


The three main avenues of our work are:


Craft training and practice


Academic research



(best described as our welfare arm)


The Guild

The Guild of St. Stephen and St George (hereafter known as The Guild), is a tripartite collegiate guild, supporting craft, collegiate and frith (members' welfare) goals for its apprentices and members. The craft, and to some extent the collegiate objectives are realised through The Guild's partner companies, where real conservation, construction and design projects are being undertaken.


"We are a line through time upholding that which really matters in life."

UNESCO recognises that failure to deliver the transmission of traditional craft skills to future generations is one of the biggest threats to world heritage.


The Guild will be playing a key role in guaranteeing that stonemasonry skills and culture are passed on to future generations, thereby sustaining built heritage for the wider community. Also, through partnership work with museums, libraries and educational organisations, we are able to fulfil this role for a broader audience.


The Guild is run by a Guild court of officers and officials and has within its court membership and board of masters, a diverse group of senior academics and academically recognised craft Masters. All members of the board of Masters are working at the highest levels within their fields or engaged in research in various related topics and are involved in teaching all levels up to graduate level. The Guild and its members are involved with craft and training initiatives across four continents.

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