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"The Guild's output will be a high point of the craft.
It is becoming an unrivalled centre for scholarship and learning, amassing the best of world knowledge and building on it with our own skills, research and discoveries."

-Guild Master-



From Autumn 2018, to establish and maintain the headquarters of the Master's Office in Cologne, Germany.

To oversee two beneficences: the first, to train some apprentices from the area known (until 1965) as Finsbury, the second, to work with and support the craft and training in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Sri Lanka where The Master has family ties.

To liaise with other crafts bodies such as The Compagnons, Journeymen, Société des Maçons etc.

and to encourage and educate about craft and guild.

To continue his own Guild work in: England, Wales, France, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Jordan, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Israel, Lebanon, Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Iraq.

To fulfil his obligations in Antioch, Montenegro / Albania and Turkey / Armenia.

To hold and promote Bearlish and other masons' cants among masons.

To help preserve and encourage craft traditions in vulnerable and war torn regions.

To outline the principles and framework of the traditional Guild School education as a theoretical and practical guide to Guild members establishing such a school in the future.

To direct the development of a scientifically rigorous collection of samples and artefacts relating to the physical craft of stonemasonry including: geological, paleontological, architectural and historical source materials.

To document and protect the rich cultural heritage of the craft through maintaining records of regional traditions associated with the culture of Stonemasons e.g. music, dance, poetry, oral folk tales, literature and customs.

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