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"A Guild must not be confused with a club, which in time could cease to exist through lack of interest or support or be wound up at the will of its members. One of the main characteristics of a Guild is continuity." - Guild Master

The Guild is a timeless association, at the same time European and British in its idiosyncrasies. All members should get a feeling of safety and belonging and the pride of being accepted by such an important international organisation and by people they professionally admire, for their merits alone, not for payment nor privilege. 

Although The Guild itself is far too encompassing and enduring to be considered a club, the variety of events and clubs it offers to those within its membership are an integral part of its rich and colouful culture. 


Traditionally the Guild has been a haven for dissent and free speech and this is reflected in the nature of our most popular Guild clubs:


The Autem Cacklers' Tub is a traditional club, of long standing in the craft, usually held in a pub.  In club meetings, stonemasonry Apprentices talk for an allotted time to a group of peers and then their opinions are discussed freely.  


Fencing is an important discipline for Apprentices. It allows them to build strength, encourage correct posture and improve concentration, all of which enhance their abilities as a stonemason.

The Goban Club is a more informal meeting but strictly only open to Guild craft members. The only club rule is that attendees communicate in Bearlish (the masons' cant) as far as possible.

The Clodian Club is a more heavyweight debating society for free-thinking Guild members, both craft and redemptive, and select guests, all by invitation only.  The club meets regularly, if not often, to appreciate good food in pleasant surroundings and to share and discuss advanced ideas.

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