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As well as the training and education of our own craft and academic apprentices we will offer a resource to those academically and practically working in any of the fields of our expertise.          


We are able to offer a unique point of view and insight not available through most universities to undergraduates and graduates. A practical application is invaluable in showing the true nature of complex problems and is often vital to the analysis, critical evaluation and eventual solving of the problem.


Agata Gomółka recently completed her PhD at the University of East Anglia. Her research focused on the impact of materials and working methods on the aesthetic, form, and language of the body in stone architecture of the Romanesque period.  Throughout the final year of her PhD, she was welcomed into the Norwich lodge of the Guild of St Stephen and St George to participate in guided practical projects that supported her work.  She was offered opportunities to observe and interview working stonemasons and in turn shared her thesis and analysis with the guild members.

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