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The Headmaster or Capo Maestro has full responsibility for the training of apprentices and trainees also the education of the craft in general, demonstrations and talks to the public.

The Headmaster can accompany the Prime Warden to all social occasions to which he is invited by Guilds and associations.


The Master is also in overall charge of the collection and archive. The Headmaster sits at the head of the Board of Masters.


On occasion the Headmaster will also be a Guild Master. This is rare and full advantage

of where this is the case.

The Candidate for the position of Guild Headmaster must have carried out a formal apprenticeship and have 30 years minimum relevant experience and supply references and a portfolio of work for the court to examine.


Eventually a Headmaster should come from our own trained membership. A candidate should be found and selected by the previous Headmaster (if possible) and the Board of Masters.


A new Headmaster must be forward thinking and be passionate about building on the existing Guild.


The Guild should always employ the very best candidate for the position of Headmaster.


A Headmaster should expect the going rate salary for his/her position when applicable.  The Guild should supply accommodation when able to any Head or Guild Master and meet expenses.


The Headmaster should continue with his/her own work so as not to become detached from the modern working world and practices.


The main concern of the Headmaster will always be the training of the Apprentices and Mates.


The Headmaster and Board of Masters will always be anonymous outside the Guild using only his/her Guild name.


The craft members of the Court officials must not be personally celebrated as this detracts from their ability to serve their office.


The Headmaster while in office must not publish any technical books or pamphlets without permission of the Court.


Any papers written by the Headmaster must be kept within the Guild.


The Headmaster will never work for Gildencraft or any other of the Guild's trading arms.


The Guild and Gildencraft can advertise the projects from the Headmaster and Board of Masters' portfolios for the good of the Guild with prior permission. 


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