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Ceremonial life of the Guild


23.1 The formal and ceremonial life is the glue that holds The Guild together. It must never be cut and always be funded. In the experience of The Current Master's life, without exception, other guilds that moved away from their formal ceremonial roots are no longer in existence.


23.2 All Mates, Apprentices, Officers and Officials, Liverymen and Members must take an active roll in the ceremonial life of The Guild.


23.3 At all ceremonial events, trousers, jacket, shoes, shirt and tie must be worn by male Guild members, female Guild members must not wear jeans or training shoes at same.

23.4 The Guild Edge-Tool Maker will wear a leather skull cap and leather apron at same.


23.5 The Guild Court will always have the capability to receive guests and give formal lunches and dinners to VIPs, local and State officials.


23.6 For formal dinners, an 18th Century silver service of cutlery (to the greatest possible extent comprising Hester Bateman pieces), must be collected through donation or investment to be known as the Prime Warden's Service.


23.7 A pewter service must be collected through donation or investment for craft dinners to be known as The Master's Service.


23.8 Lodge bells to be rung for the Head of State's birthday.


23.9 Lodge bells to be rung for visiting VIP's.


23.10 The Court Beadle to lead singing before all processions.

23.11 Port will be served before all processions.

23.12 A Wren Day procession is to be held every year on the closest suitable Friday to the 9th January.

23.13 A St. George's Day procession is to be held every year on the closest suitable Friday to 23rd April with a feast to follow.

23.14 Assembly on Festival of St Aldhelm (25th May), on occasion held in Malmesbury. (Optional) (Staffs dressed with Ash leaves)

23.15 A Corpus Christi procession will be held on the Friday after Corpus Christi every year.

23.16 The Mystery Play of Cain and Abel is to be performed by Apprentices, members and Masters every year on the Saturday after Corpus Christi.

23.17 An Athelstan Day procession is to be held every year on the Friday closest to 27th October with a feast to follow. On occasion held in Malmesbury.


23.18 The procession for the feast of the Four Crowned Martyrs to be held on the Friday closest to 8th November with a feast to follow. (Roast Goose to be served.)


23.19 A Christmas procession will be held on the last suitable Friday of December every year with a feast to follow. (Plum puddings to be served.)

23.20 The Guild should hold a 'First Herring of the Seasons' festival, where herring pies are eaten at a work lunch the following day and trestles erected in the grounds for the purpose.


24 There are a number of ceremonies and occasions every Guild member should attend at least once.


24.1 Doggetts Coat and Badge, City of London – July.


24.2 Swan Upping – Third week in July.


24.3 Knolley's Rose, City of London – June.


24.4 John Stow's Quill, City of London – April.


24.5 Holy Blood Procession, Bruges – Ascension Day May/June.


24.6 Corpus Christi Procession, Orvietto – Corpus Christi.

24.7 Lord Mayor's Procession, City of London – November.


Formal attire at ceremonial Guild events


25. Apprentices


25.1 Ceremonial paper hats with year and house colours badges and ceremonial apron to be worn.


25.2 Badges, clothing or other cultural items may be worn to signify the Apprentices' region of birth or culture.

25.3 When Apprentice becomes a Journeyman they can voluntarily be rolled on a trudel.


26. Mates, Beadles and Henchmen


26.1 All Mates, whether of craft or company, will be called upon to be Lodge Beadle on a rota system, there will be one usually, but two when receiving visitors or on ceremonial days.


26.2 Lodge Beadles will attend the gate, receive visitors and generally look after the entrance to the Lodge.


26.3 Lodge Beadles will wear top hats and coach mens' coats.


26.4 The ribbons on their hats will show their personal position within The Guild:

white - company, red - craft, silver - Yeoman, gold - Freeman.

26.5 On ceremonial or formal occasions all Mates not on gate duty will act as Henchmen.


26.6 One Mate will act a Marshal at each procession, leading and carrying a mace.


26.7 Five Mates will be ceremonial drummers and will be dressed in guild livery.


26.8 Four Mates will attend The Court and will be dressed in guild livery.


26.9 The remaining Mates will wear bowler hats, shirt, tie, jacket and apron.


26.10 Company Mates will don black bowler hats and white aprons.


26.11 Craft Mates will don brown bowler hats and brown aprons.

26.12 Green bowler hats and brown aprons can be worn by Guild Gardeners.

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