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The Guild will be working at reduced strength until 2026, by this time, enough apprentices and mates will have been trained to allow a full working Guild.


The decision is yet to be made as to the future direction of the Guild; whether or not it registers for Charitable status.


Until this point some of the workings of the court will differ from the rules that follow.


The founding Prime and Upper Wardens will remain in office until they either stand down, are unable to continue or in 2026 when elections will be held.


On occasion, the redemptive one-third minority of total Guild membership may grow slightly larger, this will be corrected on the next intake of apprentices and mates.  The proportion of redemptive and craft members voting on any and all Guild matters will be held to the rules as outlined below.


The Foundation Board of Masters will initially be Masters who for a few years will help the Head Master as required and will play little part in the life of the Guild. A full Board will be established over the next 10 years.


The Head Master being a Guild Master and the only Liveryman Royal will hold the office of Remembrancer until at least 2026.


A system of endowment to the Guild is to be promoted.


The current Head Master as a Guild Master will continue his obligations in Antioch, Montenegro / Albania and Turkey / Armenia. As dealing in these troubled areas can bring risk, it is for the Court to decide if the Guild wishes to be involved in any or none of these initiatives.

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