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10 Committees and Committee Members


10.1 As, unlike livery companies, our members are mainly working people, we use modern technology to help keep committee meetings to a minimum, in this way we get the best advice and expertise from members Nationally and Internationally without taking too much of their precious time. Attendance is expected at the four Court of Assistants' meetings held as part of the Common Halls each year in March, May/June (Corpus Christi) September (Michaelmas) and December. Any further committee meetings can be, if necessary, attended through conference call technology.

10.2 All committee meetings will be minuted, sometimes initially, digitally.


10.3 Dates for Common Halls will be set at least 12 months in advance.


10.4 The Court and Assistants appoint the members of the committee who direct the day-to-day running of The Guild. The committee members are drawn, in the main, from the membership but sometimes from outside The Guild. There are always two members of the Court of Assistants sitting on each committee, one of whom is the Chairman. Members are elected initially for a 3 year period with the opportunity to serve a further term of 3 years, members are also given the opportunity to experience the workings of the committee by being invited to sit on the committee for 3 years as supernumerary member.

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