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Events and Press - 2018

Sam Fogg, Mayfair

The Master gave a talk about  stonemasonry techniques and culture to art dealers in this Mayfair gallery as part of their exhibition of 30 stone heads. See details about the show here.

Sir John Soane's Museum, London

A group of apprentices were invited, with The Master to a guided tour and drawing session in the fascinating and beautifully presented collection of Sir John Soane. 

EDP Norfolk Magazine Feature

The Guild, our apprentice masons and our Norwich Lodge were the focus of a three-page article in the September edition of this regional magazine.  Explore the online version here.

Thornage Hall


Apprentices demonstrated their carving techniques and spoke to visitors at this inspirational Camphill Community centre in Norfolk for its Summer open day event.

Ashmolean Museum, Oxford 

Carving demonstrations and talks for The Festival of Archaeology event 21st-22nd July 2018.  Covered in Oxford Mail.

Civic Procession, Norwich

As a Guild of the city, we are invited to join this annual procession which follows the service to swear in the new Lord Mayor.  This year's procession was on 10th June and was covered in The Eastern Daily Press.

Cain and Abel, Norwich

The traditional stonemasons' mystery play was performed, on this occasion (2nd June), during a dramatic thunderstorm.  Covered in The Eastern Daily Press.

Corpus Christi Procession, Norwich

This Procession is part of an important annual Guild celebration held on the days around the festival of Corpus Christi; this year the procession took place on 1st June.

Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

The Guild was invited to a tour of The Parker Library within the college grounds and attended the Name Day service in their chapel on 1st May.

Call to The Guild,

King's Lynn

This year, the annual ceremony to accept new apprentices and honorary members into The Guild took place on 31st May. Amongst this years cohort, musician Roger Eno was accepted as honorary apprentice.

Parker Sermon, 28th May

Archbishop Parker of Norwich was The Master at Corpus Christi College Cambridge and decreed in his will that faculty members attend an annual sermon to remember his parents; their grave is in the Guild Lodge: St. Clement's Church, Norwich.

This Centuries old tradition to mark the boundaries of a parish was revived by The Guild on 6th May when they walked the meandering route marking the territory around our Norwich Guild Lodge. Covered in The Eastern Daily Press.

As one of the namesakes of our Guild, St. George's legend is told each year in one of our two traditional Guild 'mystery plays'.  29th April was the debut performance for several new apprentices. 

21st-22nd April: The Guild contributed art work and set pieces to a production of this operetta conducted by the renowned composer Dario Silva. 

On 6th April, The Guild Master and friend of The Guild, Journeyman Carpenter Friedrich Bader spoke about their experiences of the craftsman's journey.   Guild Gleeman, Dave Tonge also recounted folk tales around the theme of The Journey. 

Over the weekend of 31stMarch-1st April, Guild apprentices participated in a celebration of craft at The Forum in Norwich.  It was a great opportunity to meet the public and talk about our work and culture.

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