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11 Court Honourarys


11.1 Some Court Officers, Officials and members hold titles such as Rememberancer, Almoner, Cofferer, Steward of the Court Leet, Curator, Archivist, Fellow, Academic Board member, Gleeman, Pageant Master and Boat Master. These are called Court Honourarys.


11.2 Court Honourarys ceremonially wear badges of office.


11.3 Rememberancer - Keeper of the Guild Tradition, History and ceremony. Held by a Guild Elder usually the senior Liveryman Royal.


11.4 Almoner – Traditionally the officer charged with giving alms to the poor, now, chairs the charity committee.


11.5 Cofferer – Originally keeper of the Guild treasure, now charged with keeping stock of Guild possessions and keeper of Guild inventory.


11.6 Steward of Court Leet - Court Leet is held as part of the Michaelmas Court. The Court oversees the Freemen of the Guild, ensuring they keep to their oaths of keeping the Queen's Peace and good practice in their craft. The Steward chairs this court.


11.7 Curators – Custodians of the Guild Library and Collection respectively.


11.8 Archivist - Custodian of the Guild archive often in the person of The Curator.


11.9 Fellow - Members having academic qualification relevant to The Guild.


11.10 Member of Academic Board – Board overseeing Guild study.


11.11 Gleeman – Guild storyteller whether through story or song.


11.12 Pageant Master – Assistant to the Rememberancer in ceremonial matters.


11.13 Boat Master – A ceremonial position dealing with water borne pageantry. The Guild will occasionally come across this aspect of ceremony in some cities' traditions.

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