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Craft progression through the Guild


13.2.4 Upon their return, the Journeymen will complete a masterpiece set by and judged by the Head Master and Board of Masters. An interview will also be held.


13.2.5 Upon passing, the Journeyman will have their indenture signed off and will become a Guild Mason which allows for their training towards becoming a Master.


13.3.l A Mason, having their masterpiece approved, will be given the Freedom of the Guild at the next Special Corpus Christi Court.


13.3.2 Upon failing, the process will repeat 12 months later.


13.3 A craft member can remain a Journeyman for the whole of their career.


13.4 To become a Guild trained Master, thirty years experience is required, with competence and at least five of those 30 years experience in each of the following areas: banker work on sedimentary stone, banker work on metamorphic stone, carving of sedimentary stone, carving of metamorphic stone, fixing and setting out.


13.5 To be eligible to become a Guild Master, a doctorate in a related subject must be completed, along with the submission of a portfolio of work.


13.6 The meeting of the above criteria only allow the individual to go on the list of candidates awaiting a position to become free.

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