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3.1 The Guild will train staff to work for Gildencraft Stonemasonry C.I.C. or any future trading arm of the Guild through the Head Master and Board of Masters, in return Gildencraft Stonemasonry C.I.C. or any future trading arm of the Guild will pay the Apprentices, mates and a sum to the Guild towards the training given when able.

3.2 A percentage of the monetary excess of The Guild, at year's end should be invested in assets for the good of the Guild.


3.3 The funds and assets of The Guild are never to be invested in any intangible stocks, shares or schemes.  If any gifts of stocks, shares or assets are made to The Guild, it is to be brought to the attention of all Guild members and the next course of action voted on by the elected Investment Committee in the proper way.


3.4 A fund will be available for investment in materials to be used to produce items for sale, when the fund of profits from sold items is large enough, either land should be purchased for the construction of houses or the purchase of property to be improved.

3.5 Some of the aforementioned properties will be sold to provide cash for further investment in the same manner, some of the properties should be kept and used either for further income, e.g. affordable rents, for Guild hospitality or for Frith purposes.

3.6 The Guild will build a property and land portfolio.

3.7 When Gildencraft is producing a satisfactory income to carry out its business, all monies produced by either lessons or talks given by the Head Master or at the Lodge will go to the Guild.

3.8 The Guild will accept donations.

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