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Frith Gild

Welfare and community


Frith: Protection from molestation (Anglo Saxon)


The Frith Gild within a craft guild is the root of later unions such as The Stonemasons' Friendly Society and a template for modern Trades Unions. The Frith is not a political entity and is only involved with the total welfare of its members.

"When agreeing to the honour of becoming Guild Master to this great Guild, I insisted friendly competition, community and free speech be at its roots as was the case with my Guild. The excellence, trust and friendship formed through this are the seeds of happy, contented world class craftspeople." - The Guild Master


A fund is accumulated through the efforts of all members. The Frith finances are overseen by the Guild Court in their role as trustees of the fund. At the discretion of the Court, financial and other help will be given

to members and their immediate families, including: health care, education and welfare, with pensioners receiving winter fuel allowance and hampers on festivals but also an open invitation to stay part of the guild family with get-togethers and events.

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