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Frith Guild


19.1 Help from The Guild is available to all members and is at the discretion of the Guild Court; those entitled are known as 'worthies'.


19.2 Although all worthies may apply for help from The Guild, a higher level of help is available for Guild Trained Members.


19.3 Details of help given, and to whom, should be available to all members at their request but no reason for the help need be disclosed by worthies except to the Court membership.


19.4 All claims must go through the correct channels, for craft members this is through The Head Master and, for redemptive members, through The Clerk. The Clerk and Head Master act as advocates and put the case for the claim regardless of their view.


19.5 Both Clerk and Master have a vote and with a minimum of an additional 3 Court members decide the case. Only in exceptional circumstance would a member be able to put their own case and then, only with the agreement of The Clerk and Head Master.


19.6 Children born to Apprentices and Journeymen whilst in the Guild shall receive a present on each birthday, a payment at aged 18 and 21, help with education and ability to call on the Guild for help.


19.7 Widows and widowers of Guild members can be helped by the Guild, be given honorary membership of the Guild and be involved in the social life of the Guild as much as they may wish. They will also have the same rights as pensioners over the age of 70.


19.8 The Guild will reach out to young and disadvantaged people with an aim to help through education and possible future employment.


19.9 The Guild should look to support a school, Ambulance or Fire Station supplying equipment either for education or welfare facilities when able.


19.10 The Guild should make provision for helping children spending Christmas in Hospital with life-threatening conditions.


19.11 The Master’s and Clerk’s offices can borrow from the Frith Fund (Trust) for the benefit of the Guild at the discretion of the Executive Craft Committee. A written proposal is to be given with a repayment plan to include interest and/or financial bonus and time scale which must be rigorously adhered to and enforced.


Guild Pensioners and Pensions


20.1 After a requisite number of years spent serving the Guild and after retirement, The Guild will help Guild pensioners in the following ways:


20.2 Support with Winter fuel payments


20.3 Provision of hampers on feast days


20.4 Provision of regular home visits by Guild workers (old friends) within working hours.


20.5 Award of continuing status as 'worthies' of court


20.6 After a requisite number of continuous years spent serving the Guild directly before retirement a pension up to last salary may be awarded where appropriate.

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