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Mate Training


14.1 Mates will be trained through The Guild Beadle system (this should not be confused with "The Court Beadle")


14.2 Mates fall into two categories: the first are the Craft Mates who work with a mason on stonemasonry projects, the second are Company Mates who carry out the day-to-day upkeep of the Lodge and other Guild properties, (on occasion these duties are interchangeable).


14.3 Craft Mates are semi-skilled but crucial members of the craft team.


14.4 Craft Mates do not attend college and receive no qualification but receive training and references that will lead to well-paid employment in the future.


14.5 When working as a pair, the Mason and Mate are paid on a 60% - 40% basis.


14.6 Company Mates carry out the work of Guild unrelated to craft work: cleaning, driving, stores management, maintenance of Guild buildings or property and gardening.


14.7 If mates of either type are noted, by The Master, to have the requisite skill and attitude, they may be encouraged to apply for an Apprentice position.


14.8 Both Apprentices and Mates will keep the Lodges and grounds clean and tidy.

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