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Note about Referencing Proposers/Seconders of Rules


A note should be included with all existing and new Guild rules in this document to record the individual who first proposed said rule and those who seconded the proposal.  These should be noted as follows:


Number allocated to proposer (noted in bold) - number allocated to seconder/s (individuals separated by a comma), e.g. 6 - 14,15


  1. Immutable (can never be changed)

  2. Traditional (can be changed)

  3. Guild Master

  4. Peter Green

  5. Samuel Starsmore

  6. Joshua Marten-Brown

  7. Assia Kaab

  8. Remi Greer

  9. Thomas Heywood

  10. Frances Elston

  11. Agata Gomolka

  12. Michael Evenette

  13. Charlotte Drewell

  14. Tobias Wright

  15. Waldo Walker

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