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Guild Court Meetings

Meetings of the full court are held in March, May/June (Corpus Christi) September (Michaelmas) and December each year.  A Call to The Guild will be made by The Court of Assistants every year until 2020 and thereafter every two years as necessary to maintain a sufficient total of craft, academic and honorary apprentices within The Guild.  Aspecial court to admit new members is held at Corpus Christi at the same day and immediately prior to Common Hall.


Common hall


A court and common hall is held between once a week and once a month (this can occasionally be in the form of email contact as from time to time court may be away from the lodge). At the court, officers, officials and assistants discuss the running of the guild, common hall can also be held when Guild members wish to approach the court. Attendance is expected of the Clerk and Master; other officers and officials should arrange between themselves at least a limited attendance.


At the Corpus Christi Common hall, all the court and any members may attend. Every second year, the Guild shall assemble to elect a Prime warden and Under Warden. The Prime Warden must be elected from the members of the Courts of Assistants and is usually the former Upper Warden. The wardens may be elected from the members as a whole; these elections will be followed by a dinner for those attending.


There can be as few as three or as many as ten Court Assistants, no more than five of whom are permanent officers who are also Liverymen, the remainder hold office for one year and are elected in May/June from the membership by all members. After their year at court they will revert to ordinary members. Court Assistants can be re elected, all Assistants are expected to attend all four Court of Assistants meetings or Special Common halls.

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