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Rules on Membership


21.1 The number of Yeomen and Freemen is unlimited.


21.2 The number of Liverymen is limited to 250.


21.3 All members must work for the good of The Guild.


21.4 Membership of The Guild should always comprise at least two-thirds crafts membership and one-third redemptive.

21.5 New members, both full and honorary can be proposed at the March Common Council and must be seconded by a vote of those present then taken to The Guild prior to the Special Corpus Christi Common Court.


21.6 The same process is involved for a member, who has given the requisite service to The Guild, being proposed to advance from Yeoman to Freeman or Freeman to Liveryman, the second needing a two-thirds majority from the Court membership.


21.7 The Clerk and Head Master, if either think it necessary, can veto any membership applications but in most circumstances, unless otherwise stated before the vote takes place, they have one vote as with all other court members.


21.8 The Master and Clerk should be addressed as such in front of trainees in work time by all members.


21.9 At all other times it is good form to use their title initially, thensubsequently use either their Christian name or surname.


21.10 Court members are expected to know the names of all Apprentices.


21.11 All members will be expected to give some evenings and weekends to Guild business.


21.12 A number of Freemen and Liverymen should be members of the City of London Ward Clubs.


21.13 Within the Livery membership of the Guild, a wide range of professions, skills and academic expertise must be found.


21.14 Guild ties should be forged with relevant individuals and organisations through the honorary membership.


21.15 All Officers and Officials will supply their own Livery.


21.16 All Apprentices, mates and Guild-trained members will be part of a house system. The Houses are St. Stephen, whose head will be the Clerk, and St. George, whose head will be the Upper Warden.


21.17 The Guild will encourage inter-house games and competition.


21.18 A system of Guild Master's Dons will be set up.


21.19 All work carried out by members in the service of The Guild or items given, are freely given and free to The Guild unless agreed in writing prior to the work commencing.


21.20 A cadet membership should be encouraged for ages 15 - 18.

21.21 Masons who have not trained with The Guild seeking membership will carry out banker work in the traditional manner using hand tools; the work will be chosen by a judging Master, alongside an Apprentice carrying out the same work and must be to a standard acceptable to a Guild Master. Only one attempt is allowed.


21.22 Masters who have not trained with The Guild requiring membership will carry out a masterpiece in the traditional manner using hand tools, the subject will be chosen by a judging Master to a standard acceptable to a Guild Master. Only one attempt is allowed.

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