A Big Hit in Oxford - 23/07/18

The craft Apprentices of The Guild have now all returned home; tired yet still buzzing from two days spent in the dazzling sunshine outside The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. 

In this short time, we met and talked to thousands of visitors and were able to practically demonstrate some of our stonemasonry skills and Guild culture. As the stone dust settles after a weekend of intensive activity, we are taking stock of all the great opportunities it has brought us to teach people about our work, bust a few myths about stonemasonry and guild life and to share our enthusiasm and love of the craft.

There were many memorable moments over the weekend but the following were particular highlights for me.  

I loved watching the Anglo-Saxon style bow-drill in action as Apprentices Josh and Charlotte made a 'hnefatafl' game board in limestone (thanks go to the generous spinners, weavers and dyers of the Regia Anglorum society who donated a beautiful piece of hand-spun yarn to repair the drill).

It felt momentous for our Guild to hold an official meeting in the beautiful Ashmolean building and to process in all our regalia through the streets of Oxford in the knowledge that no craft guild has done the like for nearly three hundred years. 

I felt a great pride in my fellow apprentices for our cohesiveness and cooperation over the weekend. To my mind, we have never felt so much like a team and I was impressed and moved by the efforts made by one and all to support each other and to make a big impression. I think we managed it.