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Types of Member


9.1 Full Guild craft members


These are the Founding Masters and those trained by the Guild.


9.2 Certified craft members


These are time-served masons voted in by The Court.


9.3 Full redemptive members


These are extant redemptive members that have been voted in as Court Officers.


9.4 Past Masters


These are Masters who have retired from office.


9.5 Past officers and officials


These are officers and officials who have retired from office.


9.6 Fellows


These are professors and doctors working together as peers in pursuit of knowledge within masonry and its allied subjects.  They have some connection to The Guild through extant membership or office, invitation or nomination/election and their work must be of some benefit to The Guild and its efforts.


9.7 Uncertified craft members


These are time-served masons awaiting nomination.


9.8 Redemptive members


These are non-craft committee members.


9.9 Yeoman members


These comprise:



Allied craft




9.10 Honorary membership


These are Non-Guild committee members and assistants.

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